Rules and Regulations



  1. Pertaining to the GOUDRIVIER Challenge; these may change slightly in the weeks leading up to the race.

  2. The final version will be communicated at the start of each stage of the race.

  3. All riders must be 16 years or older unless permission is granted by the race commissar.

  4. All riders must be healthy and in a fit state of training.

  5. ALL riders must have good technical bike skills for off road conditions.

  6. The Medical officer reserves the right to withdraw any participant whom he may deem physically or psychologically incapable of continuing with the race.

  7. All riders must complete the entire distance of the race to be deemed an official finisher.

  8. No rider is permitted to take short cuts.

  9. Riders are expected to administer basic first aid to any injured competitors or if necessary take action and summon medical and/or organisers assistance in case of serious accidents and/or injuries.


Ethical and Environmental Consideration

  1. This is a private game farm and any form of littering on the route, damage to property, lighting of fires or damage to the environment will not be tolerated.

  2. This will lead to immediate disqualification.

  3. Physical and/or verbal abuse of GOUDRIVIER Challenge crew and/or officials or fellow competitors will not be permitted.

  4. All above infringements will result in disciplinary and/or legal action and disqualification.


Cancellation Policy

  1. Entries close on Saturday 9th April at 23h00.

  2. 100% of the registration fee will be refunded if written notice of cancellation is received by the 9th of April 2021, but will be subject to R400 admin fee.

  3. 50% of the registration fee will be refunded if riders cancel on/or after 9th April 2021.

  4. 10% of the registration will be refunded if riders cancel on/or after Thursday 15th April.

  5. If you cannot ride, entries will not be transferred 2022.

  6. In the event of COVID-19 change, adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the race organisers, the race organiser and the chief commissar reserve the right to cancel and/or postpone the race or stage due to safety conditions and no refunds will be given.

  7. Should you not be able to make these dates or the event is cancelled for 2021, a 60% discount will be offered for the 2022 event



  1. Can be made before the 9th April or at the registration on the 23rd April at the GOUDRIVIER venue.

  2. Cost of Substitution is R350



Any rider not able to start or continue the race for whatever reason must inform the race office immediately.

This can be done at the finish, feed zone or contacting the Emergency number on the back of the race boards.