Sweat Africa Triathlete "Train with the Champions"

Craig 'Crowie' Alexander  

Jason Metters  

Craig Alexander

For the 1st time

in Africa

Jason Metters


4-Day High Altitude Training Workshop with

Triathlete World Champions

Craig Alexander and Jason Metters.

On the 5th day,

you get to do a high altitude race against the

World Champions

The 4-day High AltitudeTraining Workshop is Exclusive to 30 people only!

High Altitude Race Day is exclusive to an extra 70 contestants only!

The 4-day Training Workshop: 30 attendees ONLY!

Race Day: 100 contestants ONLY!

Training Workshop Dates:


Race Day Dates:



Afriski Mountain Resort

Lesotho Highlands

The Kingdom of Lesotho is an independant country surrounded by the country of South Africa.


Craig 'Crowie' Alexander


Jason Metters


Triathletes around the world all know Craig 'Crowie' Alexander and Jason Metters. So giving all our readers a brief bio on them both may be an exercise in futility. However, perhaps you are a newbie to our sport and you are wondering what all the fuss is about?

This is a 1st ever in Africa, a 4-day training workshop with 2 World Champions.

It's exclusive to 30 people; so the one-on-one interaction with these Champions, their knowledge and expertise is really priceless.

On the 5th day, we are opening an exclusive race to an extra 70 people who want to test their race-skills against the best of the best. If you can't join us for the 4-day training workshop then sign up for the race only. There will only be 100 contestants on race-day.​

Craig 'Crowie' Alexander an Australian athlete is a 5-time IRONMAN World Champion.

In professional circles, he is considered one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time and a leader in the sport of triathlon.

Craig spent his time from 2002-2005 between triathlon's highest-profile Olympic Distance racing and Half Iron distance racing, winning a total of 20 races in his first 4 years as a professional triathlete

Starting in 2006 Crowie won the inaugural 70.3 Ironman World Championship. Then, in 2008, he claimed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championship for the first time, confirming his triathlon status as “Alexander the Great”.

At 38 Craig achieved what no other man in the history of Triathlon was able to do. He won both the Half Ironman and Ironman World Championships in the same year.


Winning his third Hawaiian Ironman World Championship he claimed a new world record time and a new “King of Kona” was crowned.

Considered a legend in the sport of triathlon, Craig is recorded as the oldest male to have ever won the Ironman Hawaii 2011 Kona course.

Dominating the half and full distance Ironman races for almost a decade. In 2014 Craig launched his fitness and wellness brand Sansego and announced he would be furthering his career in triathlon coaching.


Craig's team of coaches at Sansego offer training and coaching to people of all ages and abilities.


In 2019 Craig Alexander was voted

"Greatest Male Pro Triathlete out of Australia"  by the sporting public.


Craig is also a qualified physiotherapist and professional speaker.

Jason Metters an Australian Triathlete, is the Cozumel 2016 ITU Sprint Cozumel (Mexico) World Champion AG 40-44.

Jason has numerous accolades under his belt in triathlons, IRONMAN, ITU Sprints and Aquathons.


Jason started triathlons at the age of 16, having already had national recognition in Australia for his swimming abilites.

In 1991 Jason was included in the Australian Triathlon Development Program run by Australia’s highly prestigious Institute of Sports.


Jason made his debut as an international triathlete, representing Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in 1991 as a junior representative with Australia taking Gold in the Team Junior category.

In 1993 Jason was the youngest addition to the powerful and prestigious Tricastan Triathlon Team of France. The team won over ten international races that same year in Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Tahiti and New Caledonia.

In 1994, Jason became the first non-European citizen to join the FrenchAssystem Triathlon Racing Team spearheaded by the multiple world champion Simon Lessing and US legend Mike Pigg.  As part of the Assystem Team, Jason raced in the famous French Iron Tour series in 1995,1996,1997, which notched up three consecutive Iron Tour Team victories in which Jason placed 8th overall.

From 1996 to his retirement from professional racing in 2003, Jason won over 45 International Triathlons in more than 20 countries.

Retiring from professional racing Jason started Tri2Aspire triathlon team, which he coaches himself.

With over 20 years experience at the top of his sport, and possessing an immense knowledge of triathlon, Jason has had the opportunity to train and work with a host of world champion triathletes.


He worked has worked with and trained alongside many current and previous champions of the sport including Craig Alexander.


In addition to Tri2Aspire triathlon team, Jason has a VIP Health service in which he conducts his famous "live in bootcamps".

Jason also has a degree in Psychology.



Craig 'Crowie' Alexander

Jason Metters

2006 Ironman 70.3 World Champion. Clearwater, Florida.

2008 Ironman World Championship. Kona, Hawaii.

2009 Ironman World Championship. Kona, Hawaii.

2011  Ironman World Championship. Kona, Hawaii.

2011  Ironman 70.3 World Champion.


2011* First male to win 70.3 and Ironman WC in the same year.

2011* 8:03:54 Ironman World Championship Course Record. Kona,                   Hawaii

2011* Oldest Male to ever win, breaking the course record at 38.                     Kona, Hawaii.

50+  Half Ironman distance overall victories.

2019  Still hitting the podium in many races at age 46.

1991   1st World Junior Championships team category 1991.

1991   1st Australian Junior Duathlon Champion.

1992   1st Australian Junior Triathlon Champion 1992.

1993    Tricastan Triathlon Team of France.

*Winning over ten international races that same year in Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Tahiti and New Caledonia.

1995   French Assystem Triathlon Racing Team, French Iron                    Tour Series.

*3 consecutive Iron Tour Team victories in which Jason placed 8th overall.

1995    New Caledonia International.

*Beating 6 time Hawaiian Ironman legend Mark Allen.

1995   Fiji International. 

*Beating 6 time Hawaiian Ironman legend Mark Allen.

1996  French Assystem Triathlon Racing Team, French Iron Tour               Series. 

1997  French Assystem Triathlon Racing Team, French Iron Tour               Series.

*3 consecutive Iron Tour Team victories in which Jason placed 8th,overall.

2000   No.1 Abu Dhabi International

2001    No.1 Abu Dhabi International

2001    No.1 TAGAMAN Triathlon Saipan

2002    No.1  Abu Dhabi International

2002    No.1 Japan Shimokita Ironman 

2002    No.1 ITU Beijing International

2002    No.1 TAGAMAN Triathlon Saipan

2003    No.1 ITU Beijing International

2003    No.1 TAGAMAN Triathlon Saipan 

2012    Kurnell Triathlon. 1st in AG 40-44, time of 1:02:35,                       placed 4th overall.

2012     Australian National Sprint Championships. 1st in AG

               and a National Title in the Australian National Sprint                     Championships (13th overall in a field of 478).

2012     Capital Summer Series, Sprint. Canberra, Australia
               1st in AG40-44 

2013      Batemans Bay Sprint Triathlon. Australia.

                Placed 1st overall. 1st in AG40-44.

2013    Wollongong Triathlon Festival. Sprint. NSW Australia.
                1st in AG40-44. Placed 2nd overall.

2013      Trishave Sprint Series. NSW Australia
                1st in AG40-44.
Placed 2nd overall.

2016       WORLD CHAMPION. Cozumel ITU Sprint World                               Championships. AG40-44 Gold medal.


1991 - 2003

*Won over 45 International Triathlons in more than 20 countries.

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